Contract Manufacturing

As Allepharm, we also provide contract manufacturing services.

We create dietary supplements from scratch, going through all stages of production, such as developing the composition of active and auxiliary substances based on the client’s guidelines, preparation of the necessary product documentation, production, testing of the finished product, development of application / registration documentation and conducting the registration process on behalf of the client, branding, comprehensive distribution of the finished product and marketing.

Professional Services

The final product of our activities is always a high-quality product that complies with the applicable standards and is ready for market launch. During the entire research and development and production process, we guarantee our clients reliable knowledge and comprehensive service provided by our specialists.

The comprehensive nature of our services allows us to implement the supplement from the creation of the recipe to its preparation and sale.

We specialize in dry forms (gelatin and cellulose capsules “0” and “00”, uncoated and coated caplet tablets and round tablets in sizes from 6 mm to 11 mm).

outsourcing-pill-left outsourcing-pill-right


We start our cooperation with the client from the analysis of needs, verification of trends and setting the product direction.



The next stage of the process is the preparation of an initial proposal of the product composition in accordance with the client's guidelines and applicable law, and the preparation of a price offer. In the next step, our R&D Department creates the final product proposal and quality documentation, the approval of which is necessary to start the production process.



We have modern machinery and high-class specialists, thanks to which we are able to guarantee the highest quality of our dietary supplements (More about quality standards). We show great production flexibility and quick order fulfillment.



In addition to quality documentation (analytical certificates, technical specifications), we prepare the so-called product dossier containing, among others communication capabilities for ingredients that can be used in product advertising. We also offer our clients support in the creation of registration documentation in accordance with the requirements of relevant authorities in the EU.



We create the brand identity and implement its assumptions by creating a name, logo, clauses, packaging designs and the basic premises of marketing communication.



We also take care of confectioning and distribution. We provide packaging, labeling, marking and delivery of products.



The satisfaction of our customers is our priority, therefore we make every effort to ensure that each stage of implementing your product on the market is carried out with due diligence.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us.